Arteza Wine Glass Metallic Markers – Pens (Set of 8)

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Write virtually on all surfaces including Plastic, Ceramic, Paper, Wood, Metal, and Glass
Go BOLD with a variety of 8 vivid colors that POP on any background
Easily Erasable, Quick-drying, Fade & Water resistant ink

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Now the world is your canvas
Don’t restrain yourself to just paper, these markers are incredible on a wide variety of surfaces. They write on glasses, mugs, mirrors… places which were woefully off limits for ages.

This is the Swiss Army Knife of the marker world
With the power to apply beautiful, crisp color to just about anything, all those projects you spent your life wishing that you must do just became conceivable.

Colors have NEVER looked this good… even on black
Black is one chic color, but it’s notoriously difficult to do anything with because our options have all the time been ‘that one white gel pen,’ and also, ‘that other somewhat white gel pen.’ Every so often yellow.

Metallic markers give you the power to use any color on any surface. Its that simple. Colors that would normally look dull and boring on a dark surface suddenly spring to life.
– Green!
– Blue!
– Even Red!
They all show up spectacularly with vivid metallic ink. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to now set down that glass without immediately forgetting whose it was. Beautiful and practical.
Write virtually on all surfaces including Plastic, Ceramic, Paper, Wood, Metal, and Glass
Go BOLD with a lot of 8 vivid colors that POP on any background
Easily Erasable, Quick-drying, Fade & Water resistant ink
Non-toxic, water based ink- Conforms to strict standards: ASTM D-4236 and EN 71
Save your strength, and immediately enjoy stunning marks – no shaking required


Choosing And Using The Best Wine Glass Marker Pens

If you like to host parties, then customizing your stemware is often a useful thing to do. However, if you love the original look and design of the stemware you have, you don’t want to make permanent alterations to it. A great compromise is using the best wine glass marker pens. Use them to either doodle temporary patterns that match your decor and party theme, or just put individual names on them so partygoers easily remember whose drink is whose.

Wineglass marker pens come in every color you can imagine, but they also range in their effects. You can glam it up with a glitter look, or stay traditional yet trendy with metallic effects. Still, why choose wine markers at all? Why not just use regular markers? They’re functional. That’s true, but they also contain toxic dyes. The best wine glass marker pens don’t have toxins. Actually, they’re food-grade and dishwasher-safe in most cases, so you can easily wash them away as you clean up. Also, most wine glass markers get specifically manufactured for adherence to ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

If you do decide to look for the best wine glassware markers, then there are three factors you should take into consideration. The first is the tip of the marker; you want it thin for fine writing and detailing, but a thicker tip is useful for dots or stencil use. The second factor is the range of colors available; common sets have two or more markers, and there’s no rhyme or reason here, so just choose the colors and effects that appeal to you. Third, keep safety in mind; this most-important consideration is crucial because guests might ingest the marker dyes, especially the more they drink. Look for something marked as food-safe that you can use on plates and glasses.

Should the number of options overwhelm you or you’re just not sure who the best brands are, then you should restrict your hunting to Name It Marker, Glass Artist, Arteza Wine, Vino Marker, and Gainwell. That’s not to say these five are the top five in the market, but some of their wine markers are touted by enthusiasts as some of the best in the market. You can find all of them available online for either your own use or as a novel gift to the wine enthusiast in your life.

If you’re buying for yourself, then make sure you wash your stemware out thoroughly prior to doing any doodling or decorating. That includes wiping every glass with alcohol to free them of residual grease on the outside. Let them dry before you start decorating, but when you do, start out with the application of any stencils or adhesive bands you might need. Once you’re done decorating, let them dry before anyone uses them, so plan on doing this well in advance of your party or event.

For most markers, simple dish soap and water are enough to remove the markings, especially if they’re certified as food-grade. Your dishwasher should clean the glasses, but if you’re not totally sure about your markers or having that floating around your system or on other dishes, just wash your glasses by hand to be on the safe side.

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