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The Perfect Barware
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After a hard week it’s always a relief when the weekend arrives and you can head out to your favorite bar or restaurant and relax with friends and get your ideal drink or cocktail magically prepared by your bartender.

Essential Bar Tools & Glassware

If you love to entertain, it is important to know how to prepare drinks and have a proper bar set of bar tools and glassware available for all occasions. Both require having the right tools. The following is a quick guide to assembling a proper bar including the tools and glassware required and their use.

Bar Tools and Glassware Accessories

Bar tools are designed to make the job of preparing drinks or bartending easier, and not necessarily to improve the quality and taste of drinks. The quality and taste of drinks depend on the person preparing them. The technique used has a greater impact on how the drinks come out rather than the tools used.

Some of the tools are better suited to home bartenders while others are preferable for professional use. However, it does not mean that one variety is better than the other and it will be up to you to decide which tool is right for you. Take a peek inside our shop to view all our bar accessories items.

If you are just getting started with your first home bar, you should not worry about acquiring everything discussed here before you start preparing drinks. You can easily find workarounds for many of the tools using common kitchen items.

Here are the essential bar tools for:

1. Citrus Juicer

Fresh juice is absolutely critical to preparing amazing tasting drinks and squeezing also adds the extra aroma of the citrus oils in your drinks. A basic citrus juicer is all you need to make it. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get an ergonomically superior juicer that reduces the strain on the forearms.

2. Jiggers

If you want your drinks to come out right, then you need to measure properly. The best way to measure properly is using jiggers, which are mini-measuring cups for drinks. The traditional model of jigger used by bartenders is the side cone-shaped jigger. It is advisable to get 2 sizes: a 1oz/2oz and a ½ oz/¾oz. However, you can still use an all-in-one single jigger.

3. Muddler

A muddler is basically a broad, blunt stick used to crush fresh ingredients such as fruit or herbs to incorporate their flavors into your drink. Just about all basic muddlers, you come across will do. However, you may find longer muddlers of about 10 inches and made of wood more preferable.

4. Shaker

Shaking drinks is synonymous with cocktail preparation, even though not all cocktails have to be shaken. The shaker is one of the most basic bar tools and is used to blend flavors with the various ingredients and spirits as well as to dilute, aerate, and chill the drink. The two main types of shakers used are the Boston shaker and the cobbler shaker.

The Boston shaker is comprised of small and large cups that fit together. Both of the cups are usually metal. A Boston shaker requires more finesse to shake and requires a separate strainer. The cobbler shaker is more popular with home bartenders. It separates into 3 pieces: a canister, a lid with a strainer, and a cap for covering the holes. It tends to leak but does not require a separate strainer.

5. Mixing Glass

The mixing glass is reserved for stirring cocktails. A basic mixing glass is a standard 16oz pint glass that works fine, but today’s mixing glasses are intuitively designed with a pour spout and wider base. However, the best feature of mixing glasses is their beauty, although the beauty translates to higher prices.

6. Bar Spoon

The bar spoon is a spoon with a long handle for reaching the bottom of the mixing glass. Its primary role is to stir drinks while maintaining texture and clarity. However, it can also be used for other things such as scooping out garnishes of jars or measuring in small quantities.

7. Strainers

A strainer is used to transfer drinks from the vessel used for mixing to the glass while filtering out the muddled ingredients and withholding the ice. Strainers are 3 types each with different functions. It is advisable to get one of each especially if you want to prepare drinks professionally.

Here are the 3 types of strainers you can find:

Hawthorne Strainer: It has a flexible spring that allows it to fit with different mixing vessels. It is commonly used by bartenders to strain out of metal shaker tines that are usually larger, but still narrow enough to pair with a mixing glass.

Julep Strainer: It is quite a handy strainer for beginners and usually reserved for only straining stirred drinks from mixing glasses. You might technically not actually require a julep strainer, but it is quite beautiful and very handy.

Fine Strainer: It is basically a small chinois used as a second strainer, not by itself for catching bits of muddled ingredients and extra ice chips to give your drinks a more pristine texture. It is often used together with the Hawthorne strainer and the decision as to whether to use it or not is yours.



Crystal GlasswareThe majority of cocktails are typically served in one of first four glasses discussed below. It is not necessary to buy all the glasses designed for a specific cocktail such as a Moscow Mule mug or a Margarita glass unless you really like such things. Check out our blog for recipes and tips.

Here are the most common glassware designs that should be included in your bar set up:

1. Rocks Glass

The Rocks glass is also known as the Old-Fashioned or Lowball glass. It really does not require any explanation. Cocktails on the rocks are generally served in this type of glass. It is a short tumbler. Aptly named, drinks served in this glass are enjoyed over ice. It is typically used for drinks made in the glass, which means that no mixing glasses or shakers are used and you simply mix the drink in the same glass from which you will be drinking.

2. Highball Glass

The Highball glass is also known as the Fizz, Tall, or Collins glass. It is typically used for “long” drinks with larger volumes like the Tom Collins cocktail or basic highballs such as a Rum and Coke or a Gin and Tonic. The tall narrow shape of the highball glass holds in carbonation, and it is possible to easily sip from the glass even when it is completely filled. Highball glasses are ideal for serving cold, refreshing cocktails over a lot of ice, usually served with a straw.

3. Martini or Coupe Glass

The Martini or Couple glass is also known as the Up or Cocktail glass. It is a stemmed cocktail glass for serving cocktails straight up such as a Martini or Manhattan. You have several options when it comes to this type of glass. You can choose between the classic V-shaped Martini glass or the classic coupe glass also known as a champagne saucer that has curved edges.

The Martini glass is probably the most iconic of bar symbols. It is easily identified by the long aesthetic stem as well as the inverted cone bowl. It has a classy design, which is quite practical. Its stem lifts the bowl up and away from the hands so as not to warm the drinks. So, don’t forget to reach for the stem of the Martini glass when enjoying your cocktail.

It is believed that the couple was initially created as a champagne glass that was moulded from Marie Antoinette’s left breast. Ironically, its design is far from ideal for serving champagne because its shape causes the evaporation of most of the fizz before it reaches the mouth. The rounded design of the Couple glass is however ideal for serving cocktails.

4. Champagne Flute

The Champagne Flute is designed for serving Champagne or sparkling wine. Its narrow configuration helps to hold the champagne’s carbonation and shows off the champagne bubbles. However, the chief benefit of the Champagne flute is that drinking from it puts you in the festive mood.

5. Shot Glass

The shot glass is a small glass designed to measure or hold liquor or spirits that are either drunk straight from it or poured into a cocktail. The Shor glass can hold about 1.5 oz of liquor and has featured in numerous Western movies.

Other Glassware

The list of glassware that you can use to mix and serve drinks can be quite extensive including cordial glasses, brandy snifters, hurricane glasses as well as the various wine and beer glassware required to enjoy those beverages. It is advisable to acquire these glasses in proportion to your developing interests and tastes and as you find them necessary.

The Bottom Line

Preparing drinks requires a combination of art, knowledge, and craftsmanship. Like any other skill, you will improve your abilities given time and practice. However, with the proper resources and tools such as those discussed here, the learning experience will more productive and enjoyable.

In the meantime, start getting comfortable with the basic bar tools and glassware described here and practice with one or two of your favorite drinks. Eventually, you may discover that preparing drinks is just as much fun if not more fun than drinking them.

Boston Shaker

Here is the universally popular and favorite twin piece Boston Shaker more commonly used by professional bar tenders. Perhaps, not so pleasing to the eye as the cobbler shaker with its sleek curves, but is a lot more versatile.

Steel Boston Shaker


Pick up double or single measure jiggers to bring professional or home trained amateur bar tenders the ability to repeatedly make precise cocktail mixes the same every time. Typically the one ounce or a half ounce measure, or bigger the one and a half or three quarter ounce measure will cover most alcoholic mixed drinks.

Glass Rimmer

Finish off that special cocktail with a twist, by adding flavor to the outside of the glass with drink rimmers.

Compliment your cocktail or spirit mixed drink with additional tastes and textures on the outside. And no you can use things other than salt like on the classic Margarita

Glass Drink Rimmer
Drinks Muddler

Drink Muddler

The Muddler is like a Bartenders pestle and mortar (shaker). It smashes and crushes cocktail ingredients like fruit, spices and herbs, to include in your drink mix. Once your ingredients are mashed you can add the ice to continue muddling as necessary.

Bar Ware

Glass Ware

From rich Waterford crystal glassware to the classic two-piece Boston Shaker. If you are looking to make or create the perfect cocktail drink all the information you need can be found here at My Bar Tools. Not only can you learn drinks recipes for world-famous cocktails you’ll find how to search out the most useful barware for professional or home bartenders, waiters and any hospitality alcohol drinks based service.

We will also cater for general liquors, non-alcoholic mixed cocktails, wine, beer, lagers and liqueurs.

So, if you’re holding a special event, get together or party you can find our blog pages useful and help you get those hot toddies, punches, pints, shots and cocktails all measured, mixed, shaken and poured consistently every time.