• Summer Cocktails: The Demon Slayer || Happy Hour || Gent’s Lounge

    We met up with Ian from Block Butcher bar in Sacramento, CA and also he showed us the best ways to make one of their trademark alcoholic drinks, The Satanic force Slayer

    The Satanic force Slayer:

    +.5 oz Lime Juice
    +.5 oz Ginger Syrup
    + 1.5 oz Reposado Tequila
    +.5 oz Creme de Cassis

    Shake with ice

    + Garnish with Lime and also Mint

    Take pleasure in! Drink responsibly.



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  • Classic Cocktails! The Nutty Irish Woman! Noreen’s Kitchen

    Greetings! What much better method to end up the weekend break, or get one started than to share a charming mixed drink with your buddies or companion? This set is a fave of mine as well as if I might say so, simply a little as well easy to drink! The Nutty Irish Female is the excellent combination of pleasant and velvety. Frangelico and also Irish Cream come together in equivalent amounts along with ice to make an impressive sipping drink.

    Frangelico is scrumptious hazelnut liqueur and obviously Irish lotion is creamed as well as sweetened Irish scotch. Provide this a shot when your sweet tooth is calling! Top it off with some whipped lotion if you are really feeling truly decadent!

    I wish you give this one a shot as well as I wish that you enjoy it!

    Happy Drinking!

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  • Butterbeer Cocktail

    The butterbeer cocktail recipe, lotion soft drink, butterscotch schnapps and a little lemon juice to round it out.


  • Butter Cream Cocktail

    Hmmm, Butterscotch Schnapps with some Irish Lotion all put into some milk. A wonderful inviting drink that will have you yearning for a second or 3rd beverage.


  • 3 Cocktails To Make Your Date This Valentine’s Day || Gent’s Lounge

    With V-day turning up your going to require all the assistance you could reach thrill your day! So we have actually partnered with The Botanist Gin to assist with your drink food selection for the big day.

    Look into The Botanist here:

    Exactly what you have to know:
    The Botanist is a versatile completely dry gin that is crafted utilizing an unique mix of 22 botanicals that are hand-foraged in your area as well as sustainably on the Scottish island of Islay. This agricultural breath of Islay is captured in a magnificent glass bottle that showcases the 22 carefully picked botanicals etched in Latin and is finest served neat, in a classic Botanist & Restorative, as a flawlessly cooled martini, or in your favorite seasonal alcoholic drink.

    Allow us know which alcoholic drink you would certainly attempt! The French 75, The Negroni, or The Pink Lady.


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  • Valentine Cocktails | Pink Surprise & Rum Passion | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

    Watch this video to find out how to make this recipe.

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  • 4 Whiskey Cocktails To Try This Summer

    Due to the fact that you’ve reached cool in some way!

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  • 10 Whiskey Cocktails Everyone Should Know || Whisky Drinks || Gent’s Lounge

    10 Whiskey Cocktails Everybody Must Know|| Whisky Drinks||

    The Drinks:

    1. Old fashioned
    2. Manhattan
    3. Bourbon Sour
    4. Mint Julep
    5. Scotch & Soda
    6. Sazerac
    7. Rob Roy
    8. Penicillin
    9. Rusty Toenail
    10. Kentucky Mule

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    – Gent's Lounge

    bourbon top 10 list


  • Four Easy Whiskey Drinks

    Here's the dish:


    2 oz. (60ml) Bourbon
    3/4 oz. (22ml) Sweet Red Vermouth
    Rush Angostura Bitters
    Garnish: Cherry

    1. Load serving glass with ice to chill and alloted.
    2. In an ice loaded glass incorporate whiskey, sweet red vermouth and angostura bitters. Mix to mix.
    3. Discard ice from offering glass and also decrease cherry into base of glass.
    4. Pressure mix right into glass. Enjoy properly!

    1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Scotch
    1 oz. (30ml) Fresh Pressed Lemon Juice
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Simple Syrup
    Garnish: Orange/Cherry

    1. Add ice to mixing glass and pour over whiskey, lemon juice and also straightforward syrup. Shake well.
    2. Strain mix right into ice filled serving glass and also garnish with orange and also cherry. Delight in responsibly!

    2 2/3 oz. (80ml) Warm Coffee
    1 1/3 oz. (40ml) Irish Bourbon
    1 Tsp Brown Sugar
    1 oz. (30ml) Fresh Whipping Cream

    1. Put hot coffee right into glass and add the brown sugar. Stir up until totally liquified.
    2. Add bourbon and also stir once more.
    3. Gently layer light whipping cream ahead making use of the rear of a spoon. Appreciate sensibly!

    2 oz. (60ml) Bourbon Whiskey
    2 Tsp Water
    1 Tsp Powdered Sugar
    4 Mint Leaves
    Garnish: Mint Leaves

    1. Include mint, sugar as well as water right into base of glass and also muddle delicately.
    2. Load the glass with smashed ice and pour over bourbon. Stir well.
    3. Garnish with a mint sprig. Take pleasure in responsibly!

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  • Vodka Based Cocktails (Part 1) 🍹

    I demonstrate how to make some fundamental mixed drinks that have a vodka base.

    Stolichnaya Vodka:

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    Vodka is generally made use of in alcoholic drinks and mixed drinks due to its clear, tidy taste which makes it an extremely simple mixer. Rather than showing a lot of random beverages I show beverages that resemble each various other and also share usual active ingredients. There are countless vodka alcoholic drinks that vary in flavor, components, and also style. All the drinks I make in the video clip use a highball glass full of ice. If people like this sort of videos I will make even more.

    The beverages I make in this video clip.
    – Cape Cod: The Cape Cod is a prominent highball drink. It is 2 shots of vodka poured over ice as well as complemented with cranberry juice. (2 ounces Vodka, Cranberry juice, Lime wedge garnish).

    – Screwdriver: A Screwdriver is a prominent highball drink made with orange juice as well as vodka. (2 ounces Vodka, Orange juice, Orange wedge garnish).

    – Madris: The Madris is a mix of cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka. (1 1/2 ounces vodka, 3 Ounces cranberry juice, 1 Ounce Orange juice, Orange wedge garnish).

    – Ocean breeze: The sea breeze is a drink including vodka, cranberry juice, and also grapefruit juice. (1 Ounce Vodka, 3 Ounces cranberry juice, 1 Ounce Grapefruit juice, Lime wedge garnish).

    – Bay Wind: The bay wind has the Cape Cod as its base. It is similar to the ocean breeze however makes use of pineapple juice rather than grapefruit juice. (1 Ounce Vodka, 3 Ounces cranberry juice, 1 Ounce Pineapple juice, Lime wedge garnish).

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