• How to Shake a Cocktail | One Minute Tips | Rich Hunt

    In just 60 seconds, Rich Quest will show you the perfect method to make use of an alcoholic drink shaker. In this case it's a Boston Shaker with blending glass and tin, though a lot of the same principles put on making use of a Cobbler Shaker also. Adhere to Rich's guidelines as well as you'll be shaking up best cocktails like the Daiquiri in no time! Developed in collaboration with Bacardi.

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    Enjoy and please drink sensibly.


  • Different types of cocktail shakers and how to use them efficiently

    Defining advantages as well as drawbacks of Boston shaker, Tin on tin shaker, Cobbler shaker as well as Parisian shaker

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    Common bar and mixology misconceptions:

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  • Boston Shaker vs Cobbler Shaker


    There are a couple of little distinctions between both common types of shakers; the Boston glass & tin and also the cobbler shaker.
    I advise the cobbler shaker for home usage; suitable for making a single cocktail and has actually a built in strainer.
    The Boston glass & tin is frequently located in bars; making use of the Boston glass makes it easy to see the components as you include them as well as is suitable for faster paced environments as you can make multiple mixed drinks in the one shaker.

    We have a variety of tools and also bar tools varying from standard to premium Japanese barware:


  • Bar Tools Explained (part 2)

    This is an unique non-cocktail episode where we discuss a little bit concerning some commoner bar devices and some not-so-common cool ideas for expanding your bar collection.

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  • Essential Bar Tools from Better Cocktails at Home

    Good bar tools are definitely worth the acquisition. That is one of the points I like about making mixed drinks in your home– the tools, economical to get started so virtually any person could do it. Commonly, I see individuals say that you can get going with a mason jar and a spoon. That holds true, you can. Though, I assume that by investing a bit of money into top quality tools, you’ll obtain a better experience. These are the crucial devices that I suggest to individuals beginning.

    Necessary Bar Devices

    Boston Shaker –
    Cook ‘n Citrus Juicer –
    Fine Mesh Filter –
    Barspoon –
    OXO Graduated Jigger –
    OXO Hawthorne Filter –


  • Bar Tools Explained (part 1)

    This is a special non-cocktail episode where we discuss a bit regarding some common man bar tools and also some not-so-common cool concepts for broadening your bar collection.

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  • Cocktail Bar Tools You Must Have & Recommended

    When producing cocktails, what are the called for bar tools to obtain the work done? There are a few great bar devices that will get the job done and a few additionals you could use if you intend to expand your game.

    A few of the essential bar tools consist of bench spoon, jigger, muddlers, Boston shaker and also a strainer to opt for it (julep filter is optional however not an expensive enhancement). Don’t forget, you’ll need a lemon squeeze due to the fact that if you’re not producing cocktails with fresh fruit you’re doing it incorrectly.

    Obviously, don’t forget a cutting board!



    Consume Properly.